5 Great Places to See in Rome

The World Famous Rome Colloseum is one of the 5 great places to see in Rome.

Rome, Italy is the city of seven hills, emperors, and scooters. This historic city has a little something for everyone, including the gelato lover in all of us. If you are planning a trip to this beautiful Italian city, read on to learn about 5 great places to see in Rome.

5 Great Places to See in Rome


An absolute must-see for anyone visiting Rome. While not the largest ancient Roman stadium in the world, it is quite possibly the most well-known. Take a stroll over here to imagine what it would have been like before stepping out onto the floor of the massive arena to fight for your life at the pleasure of the emperor. Go early in the day or later in the evening to avoid massive buses of tourists and be sure to visit the forum just next door for some other impressive sights and ruins of the ancient city.


St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican

Just across the river from the famed Pantheon lies the Vatican City and St. Peter’s Basilica. The basilica looms large over the main square of the Vatican City due to some impressive architectural features that make it seem larger than it actually is. Upon entering the Basilica, be sure to veer to the right to visit Michelangelo’s famous Pieta. After finishing in the lavish basilica, head over to the Vatican museums, which are a maze in themselves. Some highlights include the map rooms and of course the Sistine Chapel. The ceiling of which was painted by Michelangelo entirely on his back. The monumental piece, called The Last Judgement, is reason enough to visit the massive palace, grounds, and museum. You will need to traverse the entire museum before you reach the Sistine Chapel, no other way around it, so get your walking shoes on for this adventure.


Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps

Having recently completed a multi-year renovation project, this impressive 1762 fountain is even more breathtaking after a fresh cleaning. While the fountain is a must see, the neighborhood that surrounds it is perhaps more charming and worth the visit. Small shops, markets, and daily life in Rome are all around you here. A short walk from the fountain sits the Spanish steps, aptly named because the steps originally linked the Bourbon Spanish Embassy with the Trinità Dei Monte church that adorns the top of the steps. Come here mostly to enjoy the people watching and the selfie photo shoots.


Villa Borghese

Villa Borghese is the third largest park in the city of Rome. Designed in an English Manor style garden, come here to enjoy some nature and relaxation while in the heart of a bustling city. The buildings each have their own story to tell and were constructed in different time periods, but this doesn’t hinder the overall experience whatsoever. Perhaps the reason most people come to this area of the city is to visit the Galleria Borghese, a world-class art museum housing many important works by Bernini.


Villa d’Este

Just outside of the city lies Villa d’Este, a 16th-century manor house located in the town of Tivoli. The main attractions here are the impressive gardens and the monumental system of fountains, made even more impressive but the fact that they were completed in the 1500s. With the use of gravity and terracing, the fountains produce an otherworldly effect on the visitor at every corner. An easy bus ride from the city center will get you out to the estate.

We hope you enjoy your trip!

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